Our team of Certified Fraud Examiners, a designation awarded to select professionals educated and trained in the detection, deterrence, and investigation of fraud, are skilled at conducting comprehensive investigations to corroborate or refute allegations of financial statement fraud or asset misappropriation. Our team has investigated and resolved a wide variety of business fraud matters, with a particular expertise in financial statement frauds, accounting irregularities, and asset misappropriations. We have the ability to decipher financial statement schemes, reconstruct financial transactions, investigate the flow of assets, identify missing assets, conduct interviews, and provide expert testimony. Our experts know what information to seek and how to discover it. We are well skilled in matters where the investigation or tracing activity involves accessing and analyzing massive amounts of detailed electronic data and transactions.

We have assisted clients with fraud and investigative matters both in litigation and non-litigation matters. Please contact us for representative engagement examples or to learn more about our fraud and investigative accounting services and credentials.