The financial and operational affairs of a company necessitate the collection of massive volumes of data. Often this data is captured and stored in various formats and locations within an organization. Frequently, data rarely utilized in the day-to-day business operations can be critical in evaluating organizational decisions regarding strategy, acquisitions, financial reporting reserves, regulatory challenges, insured losses, and contract negotiations. Sound financial analysis and the ability to distill mountains of data into useful information, is essential to prudent business decisions in these situations.

Many times these situations arise out of unexpected circumstances and without advance warning. The magnitude and sophistication of the project may be beyond the normal capabilities of your business. When the business decisions at hand arise out of crises or otherwise urgent situations, when company resources are at a minimum or when you lack the experience or skills necessary to plan and execute the analyses, we can help.

We have gained deep analytical expertise through our experience addressing complex financial and economic issues in numerous dispute and non-dispute matters. We can identify high potential sources of information relevant to your business issue and provide suggestions for the most efficient and effective method of extracting and compiling the relevant data. We can convert multiple data sources into a single integrated source ready for analysis. We can perform the statistical, analytical, and quantitative analyses and summarize the results for management in logical, compelling, and understandable reports or flexible models.

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